I saw this article on MSN today: South African lions bred to be shot in ‘canned hunts’

Apparently wealthy people are done with polo, croquet, and dressage and need to kill helpless creatures for sport.

What is wrong with the world? Is our class disparity so thick that the top percenters are that out of touch with how those below them engage in “sport” or have fun or vacation? Are we this displaced from the equal majesty of all animals on the planet that we find enjoyment in striking them from the Earth? Does it make people feel powerful to raise a gun against the so-called king of the jungle?

Where is our humanity? Where is our compassion? Hell, where is our creativity that this is the best use of our vacation time and money? We should be judged by how we treat the most defenseless among us. That goes for children, the elderly, dogs, cats, and yes lions. If a lion can’t even escape because it’s penned in, how is that a fair fight? If you have a high-powered rifle and ride in a car or shoot from a helicopter, there is no power in that. That is not a victory. That is a slaughter. That is the killing of innocents.

If you have a pet, go home today and love on her/him so hard and be grateful that it wasn’t born to be killed in another country.