imagesThe National Institutes of Health is encouraging the push to retire chimps from being used as research subjects.

The point is that with technology today, we simply do NOT NEED to use these animals. And regardless of all the technology in the world, it is inhumane that a civilized country would abduct these creatures from their native worlds and families for the purposes of torture disguised as scientific research.

The NIH is accepting comments from the public on this issue. YOU CAN HAVE A VOICE IN THIS!!! Don’t just complain and say tsk, tsk, isn’t this awful? Fill out the email form. It doesn’t have to be long or eloquent. Just say the time to end this abhorrent practice is NOW.

Do it here.

You do not have to write in every single comments field, just one. And if you think it takes too long to fill this out or hit submit, imagine what a “long” amount of time feels like to someone trapped in a lab poked and prodded and put through hell ever day of their life!