This is the inevitable question every election cycle. I realize that some of the ways my life has improved are mostly the result of personal choices. However, some are connected in peripheral ways to the fact of who has been president. The following is a list of some of the random ways my life is better than it was four years ago.

1. I own a house now. At the time my partner and I bought our home, we qualified for the First-Time Homebuyer’s Credit. The credit gave us 10 percent of the cost of our home. In our case that was $7,000 that we got FOR FREE from the government to use on our down payment. I’m sure as hell not going to turn down free money. Seven thousand dollars is no joke!

2. I bought a new car from a U.S. car company on a 0 percent loan. Even assuming that the low end of a traditional new car loan might be 3 percent, this saved me nearly $2,000.

3. My partner and I have paid off nearly $20,000 in debt and have an emergency fund.

4. We have both received very small pay raises in four years but we have received something. We are fortunate that neither of us have lost our job.

5. I have received a tax deduction for the interest I have paid on my student loans.

6. Since it’s inception I’ve had about $2,000 more in my paycheck over the life of the Payroll Tax Cut.

7. Some improvements have nothing to do with math. Like the fact that I can tell my children a black man can be president. If that’s possible, then maybe a gay person or a woman can one day too.

8. With Obamacare I can get 100 percent free preventive healthcare as a woman. Thank you Obama!

9. The passage of the Lilly Ledbetter Act ensures me the right to equal pay even if I have a vagina!

10. And the best part? I got married and I got a dog! And DOMA got repealed!