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This weekend I had two fantastic workouts. They were both structured around interval training and probably a bit beyond my comfort level. That didn’t bother me at all though. I love the feeling of my muscles screaming for oxygen. Sure I occasionally felt overwhelmed and out of shape and like I was going to die as I was gasping for breath but it’s part of the love/hate relationship I have with exercise. I hadn’t pushed myself like that in a long time and my body appreciated it the way my head would appreciate a vacation. So, anyways, it was easy for me to make the time to exercise on the weekend with my husband out of town and no obligations forcing me to be anywhere. I wanted to carry the gusto to the weekdays, but that meant committing to a 6 a.m. class.

In my previous post on The Rule of Hours, I discussed how I encourage myself to wake up that early. I was following the same mindset yesterday and this is what happened.

My phone alarm started buzzing and shouting metallic beats. Immediately I was jarred awake. I glanced at my phone to shut off the alarm when I noticed that sometime in the night my friend had sent me a picture message. She just had a baby so she was excited but at that time of the morning, I coud have cared less. I dragged myself into the bathroom and dressed in my exercise clothes. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail. I brushed my teeth to avoid giving “the dragon” to anyone who might talk to me. Then I walked into the kitchen and noticed the clock on the stove said 11:34. “What the hell?” I thought. “Did the power go out at some point in the night?” Then I looked at my phone and saw that it also said 23:34. You guys, it was not my alarm that woke me up, it was the sound indicator telling me I had a new picture message!! My friend’s picture of her baby at 11:30 at night woke me up and I was so out of it, I thought it was the morning alarm. Can you believe that???

I was so enraged! I laid back in my bed but of course it took forever to fall asleep. Then I was so paranoid that I would really sleep through the real alarm so I kept waking up throughout the night. It was an exhausting few hours. Finally though the real alarm woke me up and I dragged my bedraggled ass to the fitness facility. It was a bit painful in the beginning, putting on my shoes, looking out the dark windows, and feeling the hunger of sleep in my body. But I did it. I persevered. I made it to the class and had an excellent workout. Now I get to brag about it all day, of course that’s after telling people what an idiot I was to try and get up at 11:30 at night. Live and learn…