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Have you heard about the most tender news story today? Gorilla brothers were separated three years ago. They were recently reintroduced to each other and many were skeptical of how that meeting would go. To everyone’s delight, the brothers immediately recognized each other and engaged in a physical connection.

Brothers in arms: The touching moment two hugging gorillas were reunited in their park enclosure after nearly three years apart

  • Kesho the gorilla was separated from his brother Alf after he was chosen to take part in a breeding programme
  • But the brothers acted as if they had never been apart when they were reunited at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2188737/The-touching-moment-hugging-gorillas-reunited-Longleat-Safari-Park-nearly-years-apart.html#ixzz23iatGHSs

Why is it obvious to so few people that these creatures deserve protection? They can mourn, feel excitement, share joy, know pain and fear, and yet we still take them hostage, separate them from their families, and conduct horrible, vile research on them. The kind of research that we would NEVER subject a human to. We are all animals. We all deserve a chance at our best lives.

Have you heard how Air France continues to ship monkeys to laboratories, despite the fact that nearly every other major airline in the world has ceased sending monkeys on these horrific one-way flights??

Many of the animals being flown to laboratories have been snatched from the wild, ripped away from their homes and families. Crammed into tiny wooden crates in the cargo holds of passenger flights, they endure a dark and terrifying journey. Passengers above often have no idea how much pain and panicking is occurring beneath them.

Sign the petition asking the airline to stop shipping monkeys!