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The thought of testing on animals shakes me to my core. When I see a picture of a monkey behind bars, I am filled with anger and sadness. I feel my heart might just stop beating knowing that I’m a part of a society that condones these things. It’s the same way I feel when I read stories about how slaves were treated or when I hear a tale of child abuse. I feel like humans should be better than this.  Animal testing is reprehensible. I spend many hours researching companies  and products to make sure the items I buy are not affiliated with these gruesome practices. I firmly believe in the motto that “you vote with your dollars.” When I actively choose to not give my money to those companies and instead support others with compassionate mottos, I feel like I am doing my part.

Naturally, when I got this email alert from PETA today I was thrilled. People can make a difference. Your emails that you send and the petitions you sign do matter. We each have a voice. It is our duty to use it.

Hopefully the following letter makes you as happy as it makes me!

This month, with the help of dedicated supporters like you, PETA scored two important victories for animals who are used for cosmetics testing.

After we alerted you that Urban Decay was backsliding on its cruelty-free policy by expanding its sales into China, where animal testing is required for many personal care products, the company received thousands of letters and e-mails from our loyal supporters and opened discussions with PETA. Our voices were heard!

Urban Decay canceled its plans to expand its sales into China! The company also pledged not to enter the Chinese market until its products can be sold there without ever being tested on animals.

We were also in contact with John Paul Mitchell Systems, whose products were already being sold in China. Although its products had not yet been tested on animals, the hair care giant was recently notified by the Chinese government that it would have to pay for animal testing in order to continue marketing its products in China.

Fortunately for the animals, John Paul Mitchell Systems remains cruelty-free to the core, and after discussions with PETA, the company announced that it would pull out of the Chinese market entirely rather than harming even one animal.

PETA is proud to give both companies, whose products have never been tested on animals anywhere in the world, our Courage in Commerce Award for remaining dedicated to their cruelty-free policies and for choosing compassion over market share.

Through a generous grant given to PETA, we are now supporting the efforts of the Institute for In Vitro Sciences, which is providing training for scientists in China in the use of non-animal test methods and working with officials to accept the non-animal methods that are used in the U.S., the European Union, and much of the world. Thanks to these scientists’ guidance, China is now in the process of accepting its first-ever non-animal methods for testing cosmetics ingredients. We are urging companies to contribute to this effort to hasten the process, and several have stepped up to help.

These victories wouldn’t have been possible without your help. Thank you for everything that you do for animals!