All across the country parents are busy getting their kids ready for summer camp, reviewing what-to-bring checklists and making last-minute dashes to the store to buy must-have travel-size containers of toiletries that they they know deep down their child will never use. I’m not one to gamble, but I am willing to bet those parents’ biggest concern is whether they have packed enough warm clothes, undies, and sunscreen for their campers.

Oh, for that to be our only worry.

When your child is transgender, you also need to worry about whether you tell the camp staff and the parents of the kids your child will be bunking with that there is this little detail (in the scheme of things) that they might not understand (“trans what?”) and, oh, by the way, might very well infringe upon their comfort zones (“he’s biologically female?”).

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(Spoiler alert: It’s a happy ending.)