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I am so mad as I write this post. I just saw the results from North Carolina on the gay marriage amendment. Close to 60 percent of all those trolls who voted marked a column that effectively BANS the right of gay people to marry the person they love. The amendment bans civil unions too. WHAT THE HELL is wrong with this country? I don’t know whether to punch someone or curl up in the fetal position and cry.

I heard some snippet that supporters of the ban said this is a measure that upholds the sanctity of marriage. HAH!! What a joke! Straight people are doing more to ruin the covenant of marriage. They are tarnishing it faster than gay people could ever do, even if they wanted to! Straight people can fake marriages for green cards. Straight people can divorce and remarry multiple times. Straight people commit adultery all the time. Straight people leave their partners and children for no good reason. Straight people commit domestic abuse. Straight people can get married to just leach onto a company’s benefits plan. How exactly does allowing two men or women to marry hurt what straight people are doing in their marriage or what they’re doing every day to get out of their marriage? There is no correlation!

And don’t even get me started on Obama, that meek coward who spins the bullshit of an “evolving” position, which seems to be shorthand for, “Back off, I don’t want to lose this election.” And I voted for this guy with pride! I’m ashamed. I voted for him and I cried when he was elected. I thought there was hope for our country going forward. My sister was in the park in CHicago when the votes were tallied and she was texting everyone trying to convey the ferocity of the moment, the unbridled jubilation, this great, exultant hope that maybe, just maybe, America was moving forward on the path to true and full justice for every individual. And instead we end up with this timid doormat who has today cancelled a scheduled trip to N.C., presumably because he wants to shirk away from the questions, from the demands of WTF Obama?  All he can muster is an empty comment that the vote is “disappointing.” That doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what this is. It’s horrendous. It’s embarrassing. It’s morally wrong! It’s reprehensible.

How many dominoes must fall before people wake up and feel the outrage surge through them? This is now the 30th state to take up a ban like this. My god! Is this really happening? I am sometimes stunned to realize there are people in this country who feel this way. I truly am. You think of how far we have come on so many issues. We have had marches and people have faced down barking attack dogs. People have stood against water hoses and police brutality. All anyone has ever wanted is to be treated equally and with respect. Women, minorities, disabled, the god-less …. aren’t we all in a minority of some sort? Aren’t we all just people who want a fair shake?

I can’t believe this actually happened on the day I finished listening to The Help. What a phenomenal book that was. As I was reading that, I thought we couldn’t write a book like that today. No one is that closed-minded anymore. No one is out to ensure that some group doesn’t prosper. *SLAP* Excuse me while I pound my head against a wall and realize what a short-lived moment that fantasy was.

I AM SO OUTRAGED and I am so sad for America. We need to stand up people. All it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing. And ain’t that the truth.