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By now we’ve all heard the story of the young Los Angeles woman who faked terminal cancer for donations and a dream wedding. There are reports that she received a $1,200 dress, rings, a venue for their reception and more than $1,000 of food and beverages. 

Then we discover it was all a hoax and the lying bride could be looking at jail time for larceny and fraud.

The question I have to ask myself is, how desperate are people to have a dream wedding? I personally think taking a loan of $20,000 or $40,000 or a taking a second mortgage to pay for your wedding is pretty nuts. According to some statistics, the average cost of a wedding dress is $1,100; the average cost of the cake is $600; and the whole affair … nearly $27,000. What the hell, people? That is actually more money than most people have saved for their retirement!!

Isn’t a wedding about starting a life together? What do hundreds of dollars of flowers have to do with that? And, seriously, spending almost a thousand dollars on a dress you wear for a few hours? We would never do that in any other circumstances, but you throw the magical word “wedding” out and it becomes a license to spend money like you’re building the Titanic.

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As someone who bought my dress at the mall for under $150; had a ceremony in my backyard; didn’t have a bridal party (aren’t all my friends going to be there anyways?); had a friend take the pictures; went with cupcakes instead of a white, ribboned, frosted, bedazzled, multitiered cake; and did the whole fun, rocking night for under $8,000, I have a crazy hard time wrapping my head around the whole idea of dropping nearly $30K anyways.

So when everyone talks about how sad and mentally ill this woman must have been to perpetrate a hoax this unseemly, I have to wonder who are the sane people? Is the real problem our wedding industrial culture and everyone who buys into it? As my husband said, it’s called a dream wedding, because it’s a dream … it’s not reality.

(And don’t even get me started on how gay people can’t get married. Makes me want to punch something!)