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I don’t watch the show Bones often. However, every time I happen to see it, I have to chuckle smugly when Bones makes a jab at religion or superstitions. We have such a paucity of this wit and candor in pop culture. I happened to catch it this week and laughed once again with the religion = mythology observation. For the record, yes this blog is about seeking more compassion in the world. And let’s face it, we could use a hell of a lot more compassion when it comes to accepting atheists.

Bones: I am having a home birth. I am absolutely not having my baby in a hospital.
Booth: You know Bones, you really need to compromise more.
Bones: I know how to compromise. In fact, I’ve decided it’s OK for you to have our daughter baptized.
Booth: (with a look of holy reverence) Are you serious? You’re really OK with that?
Bones: Sure. For hundreds of years, people have been using mythology to make themselves feel better.
Booth: (now looking aghast) My religion is not a myth.
Bones: Yes, it is. As a writer myself, I’m familiar with the narrative arc, and that story of the couple being turned away at the inn and forced to have their baby in a stable really draws the audience in. Those writers came up with a great story!